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tremendous writers. glen campbell, in his new book "rhinestone cowboy," talks about the eager young writers of that day of material who were brilliant, and they were constrained from using foul language or sexually suggestive material, so they had to really be good. when you got a laugh on television of the 50's up through the early 60's, you had to really have good material. then when television decided the only way it could compete with the movies was to do like the moviesid and began to expand the envelope of what was allowable, and then finally the censors at the networks were almost no more-- and i think that at least two of the networks, they are no more, "standards and practices, "i think they called them at the time-- then that became open season for virtually everything. it recalls to mind a wonderful cole porter song from the 30's, "in olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. now heaven knows, anything goes. good authors who once knew better words now only use four- letter words writing prose, anything goes." now, that was satire then. i'm sorry to sa
is a important issue to all of us. i applaud bipartisan efforts on this committee with mr. campbell and mr. peters, mr. miller and ms. mccarthy in hopeless hearings to focus on related ideas. i look forward to hearing more today about your three-part strategic plan to build company pain and contract the gses. in your efforts for a single platform and standardize part says, i believe it's a great step forward, a great development. i also believe that your efforts to maintain foreclosure prevention activities and credit availability at refinance mortgages has been successful. i also want to applaud the work with harrop, the home affordable refinance program to promote prevention at today's has had successes. one by one blade refinances have been done which nearly equals the number of subway finances the prior three years. the focus on underwater mortgages is greater than 105 want to value ratios represent 43% of the harp refinance can. 215 and 2011 if that is a movement in the right direction, but we still can do more. it is in the area of contracting that i have the most questions including
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2